The Psychics

“The Psychics” is a Norwegian horror mockumentary directed by Tomas Sem Løkke-Sørensen. Watch on Amazon Prime US & UK and !

Read more about the project on Filmfreeway:

Norwegian feature film from 2019 directed by award winning director Tomas Sem Løkke-Sørensen. This is a no-budget supernatural thriller shot as a documentary. The movie’s primary cast is Kirsti Lovas, Frank Thomas Holen Andersen, Oddrun Valestrand and Hannah Karine Giske. The Norwegian title is “De Klarsynte”.

Plot: A documentary film maker, Camilla, is making a film about psychics – focusing on their abilities to solve criminal mysteries using their ‘vision’. When one of the psychics finds clues on an unsolved crime comitted twenty years earlier , Camilla becomes obsessed with the case and starts to investigate it. One day something goes wrong and evil forces are brought back to life.


The movie’s done well on film festivals and it’s now released in US and UK through British distributor MY Spotlight Independent.

Festivals so far (there is a lot more to come) updated March 27th 2019:

The Indiefest Film Awards 2018

Award of merit

Montevideo Fantastico 2019

Official selection

Dallas Indepedent Film Festival 2019

Nomination – Best thriller

Utah Film Festival 2019

Semi finalist

Rome Independent Prisma Awards

Official selection

About the director

Tomas Sem Løkke-Sørensen is a graduate from The London Film School.
He works as a scriptwriter and a director of commissioned corporate films and infomercials. His short film “The Unhappy Woman” won the Oscar- qualifying Best Short Film Award at Aspen Shortsfest and it was distributed online in Norway, Usa and United Kingdom. The supernatural docuthriller “The Psychics” is his debut feature film. Tomas now works with promotion of “The Psychics” as well as developing ideas for his next film.


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